Saturday, March 31, 2012

Birthday Cards and Cookies

So here are the pictures of the two cards i made for my mother in laws 50th and my Friends 26th, in the same theme as the card i made for Brett a few weeks ago.

Here we go;
Birthday Card for a friend

50th Birthday Card for my mother in Law :)

So thats those pics, everyone really liked them which was awesome :)
On Friday night a got round to some more baking, and decided to make some Oreo stuffed Choc Chip Cookies! They are sooo yum! I can barely handle eating one, but they are just soo good! The recipe is found here at Picky They are super easy and yum!

Here are mine; (Sorry no inside pic, might take one tomorrow if i have time)

Well im off to bed, its pretty late here, 11:13pm (though its daylight savings here tonight, so its really 10:13pm LOL)
Night all xx

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Garden - Autumn 2012

Well i haven't posted any garden pictures in a while, so i went round with my Camera after work and took some snaps. I tried to get some nice ones of the Car but he wasn't having any of it - kept running away. So its just garden snaps today - no Harvey - ah well, his loss :P

Here are some snaps of my plants and veges; 
(all i have left growing is my Cherry tomatoes, which have been super sweet this year, but my beans were a bit of a disappointment, and everything else has already finished, its all dying down for Winter.)

Soon i can pull out my tomato plants, and sweet peas, dead bean plants and sunflowers, so i can plant some Winter veges, and flowers :)

Pink Dahlia

Cherry Tomatoes


Purple Status

 On Saturday i should be able to upload some pics of some Cards i made for my mother in law and a friends birthday, they are super cool, and in the same theme as the Cupcake card i did for Brett the other week. They turned out pretty good i must say :P

Also, this weekend i am wanting to begin a painting for my Mother in law and my Mummy - for their Mothers day presents, and cards, not sure yet? I have some ideas for the paintings, i just hope i can stick with it and actually finish them, HAHA, i am sooo bad at not finishing artworks! I am wanting to paint them on some i better find me some of that before i get too carried away :P

Well, back to work for me - busy day today. Oh i just realized i haven't uploaded a pic of my new fringe, got me my bangs back! yeeha! :P So hopefully i can get hubby to take one when im looking good (LOL) and i can upload it :)

Have a good day all.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mars Bar Mudcake

Last week Hubby and I ordered a $11 bag of crap from this website called '' where you have 3 deals each day, and last week they were doing there bag of crap again, so you have no idea what you are getting, but its always at the value of at least $11 and can be even up to $800! 

So i got mine, and i got: 7 pairs of socks, 2 x Revlon Mascaras, 2 x Lip-gloss (cherry and watermelon)
So i was pretty stocked with mine. Hubby got a box of 24 x Mars bars..LOL. So now we have to find things to bake with them..there is tooo many to eat..we would get a bit fat me thinks..if we ate them ALL.

Anyhoo, on Saturday we went to our Friends for Dessert, and i made a Mrs Bar Mudcake..was pretty good, maybe a tad undercooked, could have put it in for maybe 10 mins longer, but nonetheless is was good

(Sorry all we had time for was a crappy phone pic)

Well today is Hubby's first day at his new job!!!! YEEEEE!!! I'm so happy for him. On the weekend we went shopping to get him some jean shorts to wear for work, as they are part of the uniform. And i managed to score a whole work outfit for $25!! I got a fushia pink top and a black pencil skirt! Mean aye!? I might even post a pic later :P

Well morning tea is over, better get back to work.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Eeeek! Me so happy!

Man i am soo happy right now!!! Hubby got a job! I am so proud of him! We couldn't have done it without the help of our amazing friend Brett! So now he will be Si's boss :P Starting on Monday!

Praise the LORD!! Our prayers have been answered. Its just a sale job, but man it is impossible to get a job anywhere, and this is just so amazing! Thank you God! <3

Well better get back to work now :D Eeeee YAY!
(P.S. love you hubby - you.are.amazing!)

Saturday, March 17, 2012


So i made special Cupcakes for my friends birthday yesterday - they were Chocolate with Buttercream frosting, in Blue! And i made some special Cupcake people :) To go with the card i made him, which i created my own Cupcake people for.

Check it out;

The Card I made Brett - sorry for the low quality iphone pic (didn't have time o get out my camera)

Mmm Cupcakes

The Cupcake people :D

So that was what i have been up to for the last couple of days - it has been real fun creating them all, and Brett loved it. It was so awesome.

Well its Saturday here, so that means comfy clothes, chores and eating junk food! I have got the washing out and had a shower, so i have done a bit, but im sooo unmotivated to do anymore. My little sis is home from Auckland for the night (her friend is having a Baby Shower) so we are going to have a family dinner tonight YAY! Its amazing how much you miss someone, when they are far enough away that you cant just pop in the car and see them :P Soo glad she is home (even if its just for one night!).

Well i better go, hubby wants to show me his tree house in Minecraft :P


Friday, March 16, 2012

Oh crap!

Recently we (my husband and I) Changed internet providers -we found someone cheaper. But to move we had to pay a disconnection Fee, aswell as our Account balance (which was heaps, hence why we changed) So as the title says 'Oh Crap' we are indeed in the crap. Just praying that we dont need to pay for anything until Tuesday, as that's when my pay goes through! Man i very muchly dislike Telstra at the Mo - not cool! :(

Anyhoo - sorry for my rant, I'm just annoyed that we are poorer than usual :P
Back to work for me.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yay 10,000 Views!!

To celebrate having 10,000 Views - i have given the blog a bit of a re-vamp! It was looking a but out of date, and not my style anymore.

Hope you all like it :)
If you have any comments, of things to change etc, please let me know :).


Monday, March 12, 2012

Cinnamon Scrolls

Took a picture of my Cinnamon Scrolls from yesterday, they were still really yummy today :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nothing much

Sorry haven't blogged in a while, there hasn't been much to say :P Hubby is still looking for a job, anywhere, but its always a no. Its getting really annoying..why wont anyone hire my lovely husband?? :(

Well theres not much to say about me. Have done a bit of baking, but nothing pretty enough to put on here lol. Last weekend i made a Caramel Cheesecake from Joy the Baker, you can find the recipe here.

Then this afternon i made Cinnamon Rolls, which were sooo yummy, but im not sure if they will keep..hmm i suppose we will find out tomorrow. Maybe if  it still looks ok tomorrow i will take a picture :)

Well its back to work tomorrow - hopefully this week will be a little less busy :P
I have a few things that are a little bit more exciting than usual, a friend is having his birthday on friday, and i am going to make some cool baking ideas (hehe - i will post pics after his birthday)

Well im watching the Dark Knight with hubby..nice.

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