Saturday, March 31, 2012

Birthday Cards and Cookies

So here are the pictures of the two cards i made for my mother in laws 50th and my Friends 26th, in the same theme as the card i made for Brett a few weeks ago.

Here we go;
Birthday Card for a friend

50th Birthday Card for my mother in Law :)

So thats those pics, everyone really liked them which was awesome :)
On Friday night a got round to some more baking, and decided to make some Oreo stuffed Choc Chip Cookies! They are sooo yum! I can barely handle eating one, but they are just soo good! The recipe is found here at Picky They are super easy and yum!

Here are mine; (Sorry no inside pic, might take one tomorrow if i have time)

Well im off to bed, its pretty late here, 11:13pm (though its daylight savings here tonight, so its really 10:13pm LOL)
Night all xx

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