Monday, March 26, 2012

Mars Bar Mudcake

Last week Hubby and I ordered a $11 bag of crap from this website called '' where you have 3 deals each day, and last week they were doing there bag of crap again, so you have no idea what you are getting, but its always at the value of at least $11 and can be even up to $800! 

So i got mine, and i got: 7 pairs of socks, 2 x Revlon Mascaras, 2 x Lip-gloss (cherry and watermelon)
So i was pretty stocked with mine. Hubby got a box of 24 x Mars bars..LOL. So now we have to find things to bake with them..there is tooo many to eat..we would get a bit fat me thinks..if we ate them ALL.

Anyhoo, on Saturday we went to our Friends for Dessert, and i made a Mrs Bar Mudcake..was pretty good, maybe a tad undercooked, could have put it in for maybe 10 mins longer, but nonetheless is was good

(Sorry all we had time for was a crappy phone pic)

Well today is Hubby's first day at his new job!!!! YEEEEE!!! I'm so happy for him. On the weekend we went shopping to get him some jean shorts to wear for work, as they are part of the uniform. And i managed to score a whole work outfit for $25!! I got a fushia pink top and a black pencil skirt! Mean aye!? I might even post a pic later :P

Well morning tea is over, better get back to work.

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