Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Garden - Autumn 2012

Well i haven't posted any garden pictures in a while, so i went round with my Camera after work and took some snaps. I tried to get some nice ones of the Car but he wasn't having any of it - kept running away. So its just garden snaps today - no Harvey - ah well, his loss :P

Here are some snaps of my plants and veges; 
(all i have left growing is my Cherry tomatoes, which have been super sweet this year, but my beans were a bit of a disappointment, and everything else has already finished, its all dying down for Winter.)

Soon i can pull out my tomato plants, and sweet peas, dead bean plants and sunflowers, so i can plant some Winter veges, and flowers :)

Pink Dahlia

Cherry Tomatoes


Purple Status

 On Saturday i should be able to upload some pics of some Cards i made for my mother in law and a friends birthday, they are super cool, and in the same theme as the Cupcake card i did for Brett the other week. They turned out pretty good i must say :P

Also, this weekend i am wanting to begin a painting for my Mother in law and my Mummy - for their Mothers day presents, and cards, not sure yet? I have some ideas for the paintings, i just hope i can stick with it and actually finish them, HAHA, i am sooo bad at not finishing artworks! I am wanting to paint them on some i better find me some of that before i get too carried away :P

Well, back to work for me - busy day today. Oh i just realized i haven't uploaded a pic of my new fringe, got me my bangs back! yeeha! :P So hopefully i can get hubby to take one when im looking good (LOL) and i can upload it :)

Have a good day all.

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