Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nothing much

Sorry haven't blogged in a while, there hasn't been much to say :P Hubby is still looking for a job, anywhere, but its always a no. Its getting really annoying..why wont anyone hire my lovely husband?? :(

Well theres not much to say about me. Have done a bit of baking, but nothing pretty enough to put on here lol. Last weekend i made a Caramel Cheesecake from Joy the Baker, you can find the recipe here.

Then this afternon i made Cinnamon Rolls, which were sooo yummy, but im not sure if they will keep..hmm i suppose we will find out tomorrow. Maybe if  it still looks ok tomorrow i will take a picture :)

Well its back to work tomorrow - hopefully this week will be a little less busy :P
I have a few things that are a little bit more exciting than usual, a friend is having his birthday on friday, and i am going to make some cool baking ideas (hehe - i will post pics after his birthday)

Well im watching the Dark Knight with hubby..nice.

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