Saturday, April 28, 2012

Recent happenings

So i havent done much of an update on us lately, so i thought i would make this post a bit more about hubby and i, than about baking and general stuff :)

So i just popped into town to drop Si off at work for the day, what a lovely man working on his weekend so we can save more money! He's a champ. Well last night i had a lovely family dinner (bar Mum, as she is currently in Myanmar, doing some missionary work, teaching english and what not) So it was a little different without her, but non the less it was great! Dad cooked a fabulous corned silverside, and daniel (my big brother) cooked the veges and made a delicious mustard sauce. 

He has just come home from hospital, he had three operations to remove hernias, they ended up finding more than they thought, which is good they are gone, and he can now heal up and start to feel more normal again. I have lost count at how many operations he has had, ever since i was little he has been having them for various reasons, we just hope that he doesn't have to have anymore!

Well me and Hubby are doing well, we are trying our best to save hard for a house, because we want to be able to build, or at least by a relatively nice one as our first home. So we are trying to save for a $30,000.00 deposit on a heres hoping that we are going to be able to save that much. Knowing us something normally goes wrong, be i so hope it doesn't, and in about 5 years we can have our own home! :D

On the cat front, we had to take him to the vet yesterday because he was limping really bad on the leg he had his operation on - so we took him in and they gave him a pain killer injection to make it less painful for him. then on monday we have to take him in to have an Xray (which thankfully they are heavily discounting for us, since its a follow up from his hip operation) So yeah we are just praying that he only bruised it, or just made it sore by doing something silly, and not something that requires more surgery - as i don't think we will be able to afford much :( Poor we bubba, he has the worst of luck ( if we had more money i wouldn't flinch at getting him fixed, but when you end up spending more on a cat than you do on your own health, its not good)

Well on a good note, Si and i went to a friends 30th last weekend, and they had a cool photobooth with frames, here are some pics;

Hubby and me <3

The ladies in Red xx

Earlier that day my mother and law and i went for a walk around the Taitua Aboretum - which was super lovely, here are some pics from that;

At the beginning of the walk



Beautiful light through the trees

Black Swan

Maria and I

View from almost the end of the walk

Baby chikies by the car park :P

That was such a lovely walk that we are going to go back today, if the weather stays nice, apparently its ment to rain :( We are going again, but my friend and her bubba are going to come too! :) Its going to be fun if we do end up going, the bubba can see all the chikies and ducks, and feed them, ooh its going to be cool :)

I better go and get dressed if im going to get anything done today, cant put the washing out, but i can tudy up our bomb shell of a house! we have been so lazy all week its a tip..oh dear i think its going to take me a while to tidy it up, how dumb - must need another coffee!


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