Saturday, May 12, 2012

25 Years with my brother and and epic Chocolate Cake

Well the last few days we have been celebrating my brothers 25th birthday. On Friday night we went out to our favorite Chinese restaurant and celebrated his birthday with my Dad, Anton, Si and me, as Mum is still overseas and my sister and her boyfriend were in Auckland. We had an awesome time at dinner, we even ordered something that we wouldn't suggested ordering sizzling pork intestines..he was we did! i tried one piece and the texture was enough to put me off..but the taste was actually ok (surprisingly!) My favourite dish was the sweet and sour pork, its NOTHING like the takeaway generic is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! We had a blast! They even gave my brother two complimentary dishes as it was his birthday!  Here are a few pics of the food and of us;

the 'sizzling intestines!'

Weird dessert balls

The inside of the dessert balls


He also had his actual 25th party on tonight, so i made him a birthday cake. I used a new recipe which has coffee and more eggs in it - it turned out amazing! accompanied by the chocolate frosting it was FAB! Everyone loved it :P Here are some of the pics as i iced it;

Well im pretty exhausted for baking and doing chores..not that having a margarita helps with keeping me awake..LOL i cant even type properly, i keep spelling things wrong!! Was a great night..ahh now for sleeeeep :)


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