Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I just realized that on Mothers Day i didn't post a picture of my Mummy. So here is a picture of my Mum and Me, first picture would have been taken in about 1990 - i think i was almost 2? Then the other was taken just this last Christmas. Love you Mummy, cant wait for you to get back home! :)

Mum and me <3

On the art front, this afternoon i am going to pop by Gordon Harris and hopefully pick up some Watercolor paints, the ones i have (which were my dads) have dried up and are a bit hard to use, so i will invest in some cheap ones :P I am starting a drawing/word illustration for a little girls present/card - so hopefully it ends up nice, we will see. I have upload pics after her party on Saturday (though i dont think our computer will be back from being fixed then, so i might have to wait until Monday).

Off for morning tea now.


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