Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Mothers Love

Today was Mothers Day, a day for Mothers, whether you are a mother yourself, or a daughter or son of a mother..we all have a mum. I love mothers day, its a day where we can celebrate them, so spend time with them, to make them feel loved and special (more than we do on any normal day).

My Mum is overseas - half way across the world - so my siblings and i made her her mothers day card early so she could take it with her, and open it on mothers day in Myanmar..She loved it! was sad that we couldn't spend the day with her, or have our traditional croissant and coffee breakfast, but still she felt special today :)

But i cannot forget that i also have a mother in law, a wonderful sweet one at that. So without further a do, i began to paint her a painting. Something of which she loves, and already has 3 of mine in her lounge already! But i knew it would be something that would bring her much joy, so i began. It began with getting frustrated at my paints..i am officially sick of acrylics..they dry too fast and the colours seem to lack substance..anyhoo..i dug out my oils and began again..and i finally got somewhere, i forgot how much i love oils and how easily they glide with the stroke of the brush. Well enough about that, i finished it just in-time to give to her today (still VERY wet) so i gave it to her after church at lunch..and she loved it! I was so glad, i love the joy when you give someone something that you have created, its so priceless :)

After our yummy lunch i took my mother in law to go see a movie (mothers got a free glass of bubbly) and we saw 'Dark Shadows' it was rather good, and we enjoyed it very much :)

Here are some pictures of the painting i gave my mother in law Maria - Titled 'A Mothers Love';

Its super late now, and of course its a work day tomorrow, so i better be good and go to bed....i am all ready to go..but i just keep finding things i can do! LOL this always happens to me! Night all.

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