Thursday, June 21, 2012

More Cupcakes! and update on us

Just can't get enough of these guys! They are so delish, the best recipe yet! These ones were for my husbands Grandma who has just come from Canada to live permanently in New Zealand! So they were her welcome home present :) - and again they are all gone..too good to leave sitting around ya know!

Here is another photo...from my phone - but these ones are purple!


I realise all i have been posting is baking and a bit of drawing lately -  to be honest that's all i have been doing, aside from design for a few friends and epic cowboys and aliens themed invites and thank you's :P. Life has been a bit of a blah lately. I cant seem to recall anything amAsing happening..

So here i go: Be warned this may or may not be very looong...

However i did go see Snow white and the Huntsman with Elyse - my date hehe - we had a blast, was a much needed night out for me, and a much needed time away from baby for her, we are going to try and make it a monthly thing :) - which will use all my pocket money, but its worth it. The next movie we are going to see is Magic Mike - hehe - we are VERY excited about this one :P.

Lets see..what else..I have been helping my parents finish off the gardens, not that i CAN help much as i dont want to hurt my shoulders, i gave encouragement and got drinks :P The garden is looking awesome, and now there are raised beds where we can plant flowers and veges and all sorts of fun things! My mum is trying to make it easy for me to garden when hubby and i move into the house. Since im not a fabulous gardener like her, it needs to be simple and easy for me to do. I seriously can.not.wait to have my own garden..pots and planters and hanging baskets are only so good :D

On the husband front, lets see, he is good, working hard and being a man :P As they do. We are having some wonderful talks about our future lately and it has really encouraged me, and I'm excited for this next year. Which may or may not include; dogs (which breed to choose is another TOTAL  story), babies (maybe..), new home to live in (thats NOT a small pokey 2 bedroom, damp, noisey FLAT), new projects, and hopefully exciting things!  I LOVE my man, he's awesome, we just need to decide on this dog situation...

 This dog thing is WAY more complicated that i had initially thought, my idea of a dog, is something between knee and ankle height..reasonably quiet..well behaved, not scarey looking and not full of too much energy, as me..I'm pretty lazy on the whole moving around and having to exercise front :P
So breed wise I'm thinking maybe a Scottish Terrier, like this fellow here;

Scottish Terrier..
Or a Wire Hair Dachshund..

maybe this dude?

I don't know, we cant decide, one that we are kind of agreeing on (well used to agree on) was a Japanese Spitz (which are quite expensive..) But here is one in all its fluffy glory;

Fully grown Japanese Spitz
So where the problem comes in is Hubby would really like a Border Collie, as they are a lot cheaper to buy and dont need to be groomed..BUT there is a big but..they have a lot of energy and need training, lots of it. They love to learn new tricks and be challenged. So..Hubby does know about this, and is willing to train and do the running and exercise with the dog..but i just dont want a big energetic dog, i know they are lovely, but I'm just not convinced.

So what do you think? We will have a medium fenced yard, the dog will most likely sleep inside in a crate..or outside in summer. We will have kids, so it will need to get i dont know, (oh and our friends are breeding their we do have a place to get a pup). Suggestions?

Sorry that was soo long, i warned you! :P
Coffee time.

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