Monday, July 9, 2012

Its been ages again!

Wow man i just keep running out of time to update my blog..I'm always thinking of things to put on here, but never get around to doing anything :P LOL

I haven't done that much baking recently, just some muffins and scones and biscuits..i was going to attempt to make this super awesome Lemon Meringue pie which has a lattice top made out of the Meringue, instead of the heavy top which they normally have. Maybe i will make it another day..

Hmm...whats been happening lately..I have been to a baby shower..done some shopping..hubby bought a new 7 string guitar with his IRD tax refund money lol - its been pretty good lately.
I went to a Baby Expo with some friends the other week, because i was interested to know all the different brands and products there are available on the market. I have to say it was really informative for me, i really enjoyed it :) Got some info that i can keep filed for when we start a family (which is really exciting - but scarey to think that we are getting to that point in our lives!) We have been married almost 4 years..and soon we will be moving into a real home, where we can get a dog and settle for a few years (thanks to my parents)

Well Hubby and i have been all a bit sick lately - Hubby had the flu last week, which was very nasty..and then on Thursday i got a cold, which is mainly a mean as cough, which i still have! But hubby thanked me for looking after him - so he sent me some flowers at work! Isn't he awesome!

Here they are;

Orange and Yellow Tulips - plus a few sticks...

So yeah..its back to work this week, hope my cough clears up soon, as its really starting to bother me..grr..

Well that's my morning tea break over, so i better get back to it :) - i will leave you with the super awesome rainbow we made for our first steps lesson on Sunday at Church - God always keeps his promises! Amen!

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