Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tattoo..any thoughts?

So, i have wanted this tattoo for a very long time - i love birds, and the simplicity of it is perfect for me. The meaning behind it is ' Christ has set me free..i am free to live'. SO..i drew the birds in illustrator..and i guess i just want to know if the flow and motion of the birds looks right. I think it does, but i have learnt its good to get a second opinion. Also, thinking it should be about 110mm from first bird to last..dont want it big,  but not too small either.

Here is my image, and of where it will go (on the side of my right hand wrist);

What do you think?? Please leave comments - I will be so grateful for some input :)

Yay its the middle of the week!! Off to see Magic Mike with a Girlfriend tommorrow!! Exciting! :P

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