Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Birthday to my lovely husband

Well today is the day my hubby turns a year older..he's 24 today! well offically at 8pm (yeah he's born on the 28th of the 8th, 1988, at 8pm!! crazy huh?)

We already did the whole family dinner, out at our favourite Chinese restuarant, he got some cool presents, vouchers and baked goods - he was a very happy man :P

SO Happy Birthday my love, i look forward to the many many more we will celebrate together xoxo

Hubby at 3yrs - put a Batman mask on him..he loves Batman (lol)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I got it!!

So i finally picked up the courage to get my Tattoo!! It didn't hurt nearly as much as i thought, it was a mixture of Acupuncture mixed with a injection..mixed with electrotherapy lol (i thought it would hurt more than the treatments for my shoulder injury - but it didnt, so i was very happy) It was just uncomfortable.

But i was so glad my Mum came with me :P it was an experience for both of us haha - but we were both really surprised at their professionalism, cleanliness and just overall everything. lol..i think we were both a bit spectacle.

Here is a crappy phone picture :) (i will put up a better photo once the swelling has gone down, and i can be bothered getting out the good camera)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Birdhouse Primed & Final Artworks

Did the second coat on the birdhouse, so now its almost ready for the final coats and illustrations :)
Here is a pic of where we are up to at the mo..

Primer coats done!

Also, here are the final pictures of my husband and mine's artworks for the HeART Expo, and my one as well.

So thats our contributions to the Exhibition - which runs today until tomorrow evening. We are pretty stoked at how they turned out :)

Well im off to watch a movie with some friends - a lovely French one and a Glass of wine..ahhh Bliss!!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I have been up to a few different things lately - apart from the normal weekend gardening with my mum (which is now almost finished, we are just to get a few more lavenders for the hedge around the rose garden, and a Azalea for the middle of our Perennial garden - might take some pics this weekend if its not raining..)

Anyhoo..i have been finishing my installations for a HeART expo at my church that runs this weekend. Hubby and I created a wire heart, reflecting on 1 Samuel - on the quality of our hearts. And i have done a watercolour drawing chart on my reflection of Hannah's heart - and our response to the quality of our own - how perfect are we? A few weeks ago a showed you a peak at the heart i drew, now here is a peak at the wire heart we made (will show you the full painted finished version on Sunday)

Our half made heart

Well besides Gardening with Mum and making a wire heart with Hubby - i have been making a bird house with my Dad! Soo much fun, and cool because you know you made it. Thankfully my Dad had some leftover ply from the letterbox we built, so it didn't cost too much (just our time) Now all we have to do is put the perch in and do the primer coat and make it look pretty :). Im thinking of painting it white, and making it look slightly weathered - then paint some lightish green decals..perhaps leaves me thinks..not too sure yet.

Here is some pics of it at the moment;

All sanded and holes filled - ready for the hole..
Almost done..with the Hole

So yeah that's where we are up to at the moment - its very exciting, i cant wait to paint it all up and hang it in the Cherry Tree!


Another fun thing that i got up to on the weekend was (besides having my fourth cold of this year!!) having the privilege of looking after a friends baby for the day. Was super fun - and even more fun since Mum was with me. I was going to just stay at home with him, but Mum texted asking if i wanted to go out for coffee and shopping, so i got Elyse (the babies Mum) to put the car-seat in my car and we were off! Besides the obvious things you have to do with a baby - like feed them, change them - and keep them entertained. It was relatively a piece of cake. Mum and i had our Coffees and he had a fluffy (foamed milk and a marshmallow) - we shopped - he slept - had to buy some pants for him coz he wet through his cloth diaper (my bad!) It was really interesting, and made me feel a little more convinced i can/could actually do this, the whole Mum thing..when we have a family..sometime.. :)

Well i need to get back to work - but i will leave you with a pic of Grayson enjoying his Fluffy :)

The cutie eating his marshmallow - thanks Elyse for letting me (trusting me) to look after him :)

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