Friday, September 28, 2012

Pork and Cabbage Dumplings

The other night we decided to give Dumplings another shot - Hubby loves them, and he could seriously eat a dozen. So the cheapest way to make him happy is to make them! This was my third try - first was with hubby's parents - those ones weren't quite right, and then i tried at home again..and another fail - but at least they all tasted good! This time i spent a little more time at the Asian Grocer - to find the right pastry (didn't have the energy or the time to make it - one day i will) 

Anyhoo..found the correct 'dumpling' pastry - and rice well as some yummies like; AW Root-beer for hubby, a Cherry Doctor Pepper for me and some yummy as Aloe Vera Drink (was soo cheap!) 
Well, here is a pic of how my Dumplings turned out - they went pretty fast after this photo :P

Here is the full recipe (with pastry instructions) if you want to make them :)

Pan-Fried Dumplings with Pork and CabbageMakes 24 dumplings

Homemade Dumpling Wrappers

  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 cup water plus 1 teaspoon water
  • extra all-purpose flour, for dusting and rolling
1. Combine the all-purpose flour and water and knead until the dough isn’t sticky and the surface becomes smooth. Cover it with a damp cloth and rest for 30 minutes.
2. Roll out the dough on a floured surface into a long cylinder.
3. Cut the cylinders in half, and then cut each cylinder into 12 small pieces.
4. Dust the rolling pin and roll each piece of the dough into a dumpling wrapper about 4 inches in diameter. Set aside for the filling.


  • 1 pack dumpling wrappers (round-shaped)
  • or homemade dumpling wrappers
  • oil, for pan-frying
  • 150 ml water, for steaming
  • Chinese black vinegar or ponzu, for dipping
  • 8 oz ground pork
  • 2 oz cabbage, finely shredded
  • 1 heaping teaspoon grated ginger
  • 1 heaping teaspoon chopped scallion
  • 2 tablespoons soy sauce
  • 1 teaspoon Shaoxing wine (or Rice Wine Vinegar)
  • 1/2 teaspoon sesame oil
  • 3 dashes white pepper
  • pinch of salt
1. Prepare the filling by combining all the ingredients together. Use a spoon to mix well.
2. To assemble the dumplings, place a piece of the wrapper on your palm and spoon 1/2 heaping tablespoon of the filling onto the center of the wrapper. Do not overfill.
3. Dip your index finger into a small boil of water and moisten the outer edges of the wrapper.
4. Fold the dumpling to form a half-moon shape and pinch the edges backward to look like a Chinese ingot (see picture above). Press and seal tightly. Arrange the wrapped dumplings on a plate lined with parchment paper to avoid the dumpling from sticking to the bottom of the plate. Repeat previous steps until the filling is used up.
5. Heat some oil in a small skillet or pan over medium heat. Arrange 8 dumplings on the skillet or pan. Pan-fry the dumplings until the bottom turns light brown, about 2 to 3 minutes.
6. Add 50 ml water to the skillet or pan and turn the heat to high. Cover the skillet or pan with its lid and let steam. Turn the heat back to medium as soon as the water has completely evaporated.
7. Add some oil to the pan again and continue to pan-fry the dumplings until the bottoms turn golden brown and become crispy.
8. Repeat steps 5–7 for the remaining dumplings.
9. Serve the dumplings warm with the dipping sauce of your choice.

Also - its my Birthday in about 12 days - and Hubby's present is already on the mantle - EEeek! cant wait to open it (even though i know whats in it) hehe.

Well back to work for me.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our Garden - and Mums Birthday Pie

Today is my Mum's Birthday! We celebrated by enjoying a Roast chicken Dinner and Pumpkin Pie together (sans my Sister - who is back up in Auckland studying). Was a lovely evening, and afternoon. 
The pumpkin pie turned out REALLY yummy - there was only one piece left afterwards :P
Here is that one piece..

yummy pumpkin pie

Thankfully it was a lovely day - so i was able to take some photos of the Garden at Mums - which i will be taking over when my parents leave next year :) - (i will finally have a real garden!) Yay
Here are some pictures of the different Tulips we have, and of the rest of the Garden;

Beige and Red Tulip

Yellow and Red Tulip

Frilly Red Tulip

Double Pink Tulip

Back Perennial Garden

Birdhouse in the Cherry Tree

Glorious Cherry Tree - Spring is here!


Bambina Feijoa

Sheep Family

Vege Garden

Well thats how the Garden is going at the moment, its soo pretty :) Now i have to look after some Aquilegia seedlings and other vege seedlings while Mums away.

Think its bed time - long day today! but so good :). Night all.

Tattoo and organisation

So i said ages ago that i would take a photo of my Tattoo when it was all healed and it took ages to get the hubby to do it for me. It would be a bit hard to try and take one myself :P lol - so here is it (thanks hubby)

And another thing that has been annoying me big my dresser (or duchess..or whatever you call them) it is normally quite messy..and by messy i mean, things were everywhere, nothing really had a place it went. So yesterday i went and bought some containers and a makeup organiser (all came to $30) - and through out a few things..and now its so tidy i'm not sure what to do with it LOL. Well here is a picture - i didnt quite have the guts to show the world how messy it was before (sorry);

Well i'm off to go check my Pumpkin Pie - which i'm making for my Mums borthday dinner tonight :)
Have a nice afternoon all :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Birdhouse is hung!

So on Sunday we were finally able to hang the Birdhouse in the cherry tree..i sat there for a good half hour watching the birds eat the bird food..but not go and check out their new digs..Ah well..they will soon enough (i hope) 

Anyway here are a few pics of it in the tree..and of mum hanging it (sorry Mum, i know your in your painting clothes..but it was necessary to put it up - also apologize for my facials, i have no idea what i was

Well i'm off to get a cup of coffee..its not quite morning tea time, but i think i'm going to need extra caffeine today :P


Friday, September 14, 2012

Kids Circus Poster

Found a poster i liked the other day on Pintrest - so i decided to do my own slightly different version.
I thought it was really cute :P and would be a great random gift for a friends kid.

Here it is - popped it in a frame in Photoshop to make it look cooler.

And here is a picture of the artwork - not in a fake frame :P

Well thats all from me now - i will give the little dude his poster tonight - yeeah..we're having a pizza night! I'm on dessert, think i will make a Butterscotch self saucing pud.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Crafty Weekened + Birdhouse is complete!

So this weekend it was POURING with rain, there were a few patches of nice weather - but really only enough to get to the car, or inside the house! But i managed to get the things done that i wanted - which was wash the lights..which got caught in the rain (it was deceivingly sunny on Sat morning) but got them dry in front of the heater. I went shopping with hubby and my sister, and we scored some really cheap earrings (2 for the price of one!) and got some of the ingredients we needed for our lip balm.

So that was most of Saturday - we ended spending the evening with some friends, we went out to Sichuan Style again (so good!) Then watched 50/50 - a movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt about cancer, was really good.

Sunday began with Church - and a dash inside so we didn't get soaked! Then we had some Burger King for lunch (YUM!) Then of course, as we always do, we spent the evening with my parents and Family. Me and my sister made some berry lip balm - which kinda didnt work. We think next time we will make it with Bees Wax and not Coconut Oil. But here is a picture of how it turned out;

Strawberry Lipbalm

Then Mum asked me to make some Lemon Honey - my Favourite! It was the first time i have made it all by myself - Mum is normally there helping, as we make tones of it. This time we just made a small batch. Here is how it turned out;

Lemon Honey - i will be enjoying some on my toast for Lunch!

Last but not least, i managed to finally finish the Bird house. Sadly Dad wasn't home till dark - and it was raining, so we weren't able to put it up. But here is a pick of it by the tree its going in (thanks to my Sis for holding it up :P )

All done!
 Well thats all from me now - im off to have a cuppa coffee and a piece of brownie for morning tea Mmmm!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Fathers Day Pecan Pie!

What a lovely weekend this has been! So relaxed :)

This is the first Weekend where hubby isn't working! Yay! So we decided to sleep in..then hubby went and bought some awesome takeaway coffee, then we went to the Mall to do some retail therapy. We got everything we said we would, and no more! Aren't we good.

Picked up a new Black cardi (for work) some new skinny jeans ($40!) and a new strapless Bra (since that's all i can wear these days because of my shoulder injury) Then we scoffed down some subway for lunch, and off to my parents we went. We went on a Hammock finding trip - as Dad ripped the current one (LOL). SO after going to various shops, we finally found one at Bunnings (Home depo type store).

Was a fun afternoon, and then i had to go back to the Mall for my Eye Exam - which i passed - i have better than 20/20 vision, no stigmatisim, and my eye health is fabulous! Yeehaa!
Then we went back for a yummy Lamb steack dinner at my parents :)

Fathers Day! Went to Church in the morning, for a special service for Dads, was pretty fun (but sad coz my Dad wasn't there - he was teaching Sunday school at his church)
Then we had some lunch at the in-laws and gave my Father in Law his card i made (will upload pics later - was funny) and then went off to my parents again for tea. And i made this fabulous Pecan Pie for dessert, Man it was delicious!

My Sister is down from Auckland, so the whole family was there, was really lovely! We just chilled out and enjoyed each others company - was a really lovely evening :)

But now back to work..think i need some morning tea :P

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