Monday, September 3, 2012

Fathers Day Pecan Pie!

What a lovely weekend this has been! So relaxed :)

This is the first Weekend where hubby isn't working! Yay! So we decided to sleep in..then hubby went and bought some awesome takeaway coffee, then we went to the Mall to do some retail therapy. We got everything we said we would, and no more! Aren't we good.

Picked up a new Black cardi (for work) some new skinny jeans ($40!) and a new strapless Bra (since that's all i can wear these days because of my shoulder injury) Then we scoffed down some subway for lunch, and off to my parents we went. We went on a Hammock finding trip - as Dad ripped the current one (LOL). SO after going to various shops, we finally found one at Bunnings (Home depo type store).

Was a fun afternoon, and then i had to go back to the Mall for my Eye Exam - which i passed - i have better than 20/20 vision, no stigmatisim, and my eye health is fabulous! Yeehaa!
Then we went back for a yummy Lamb steack dinner at my parents :)

Fathers Day! Went to Church in the morning, for a special service for Dads, was pretty fun (but sad coz my Dad wasn't there - he was teaching Sunday school at his church)
Then we had some lunch at the in-laws and gave my Father in Law his card i made (will upload pics later - was funny) and then went off to my parents again for tea. And i made this fabulous Pecan Pie for dessert, Man it was delicious!

My Sister is down from Auckland, so the whole family was there, was really lovely! We just chilled out and enjoyed each others company - was a really lovely evening :)

But now back to work..think i need some morning tea :P

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