Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our Garden - and Mums Birthday Pie

Today is my Mum's Birthday! We celebrated by enjoying a Roast chicken Dinner and Pumpkin Pie together (sans my Sister - who is back up in Auckland studying). Was a lovely evening, and afternoon. 
The pumpkin pie turned out REALLY yummy - there was only one piece left afterwards :P
Here is that one piece..

yummy pumpkin pie

Thankfully it was a lovely day - so i was able to take some photos of the Garden at Mums - which i will be taking over when my parents leave next year :) - (i will finally have a real garden!) Yay
Here are some pictures of the different Tulips we have, and of the rest of the Garden;

Beige and Red Tulip

Yellow and Red Tulip

Frilly Red Tulip

Double Pink Tulip

Back Perennial Garden

Birdhouse in the Cherry Tree

Glorious Cherry Tree - Spring is here!


Bambina Feijoa

Sheep Family

Vege Garden

Well thats how the Garden is going at the moment, its soo pretty :) Now i have to look after some Aquilegia seedlings and other vege seedlings while Mums away.

Think its bed time - long day today! but so good :). Night all.

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