Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tattoo and organisation

So i said ages ago that i would take a photo of my Tattoo when it was all healed and it took ages to get the hubby to do it for me. It would be a bit hard to try and take one myself :P lol - so here is it (thanks hubby)

And another thing that has been annoying me big my dresser (or duchess..or whatever you call them) it is normally quite messy..and by messy i mean, things were everywhere, nothing really had a place it went. So yesterday i went and bought some containers and a makeup organiser (all came to $30) - and through out a few things..and now its so tidy i'm not sure what to do with it LOL. Well here is a picture - i didnt quite have the guts to show the world how messy it was before (sorry);

Well i'm off to go check my Pumpkin Pie - which i'm making for my Mums borthday dinner tonight :)
Have a nice afternoon all :)

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