Thursday, October 11, 2012

Birthday Trip!

Well yesterday was my 23rd Birthday! And hubby surprised me by taking me to Rotorua for the day :)
We went to the same Mineral Hot Pools as we did almost 2 years ago, when er celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary. It was so lovely then, we decided to go again - and it was just as good! So relaxing and Private - its like a little bit off heaven!

After the Hot pools, we took a drive through town to try and find the Italian Restaurant we had dinner at last time we visited - and thankfully we found it! So we had a really lovely lunch there (and it was soo cheap! $25 for both of us - including glasses of wine!)

After that we took a walk down the street to the Liquor store we bought a yummy Port last time - we haven't quite finished our other one - but we got another one since we were there :P

Then we headed home - man were we exhausted! But relaxed. We got home around 3:30pm and went straight to bed to have a nap! haha. Then we popped over to the supermarket to pick up some fresh pasta and sauce - and that was tea :) we went to the Movies to go see 'Looper' - it was actually quote confusing, but very enjoyable. We snuck in some lollies, popcorn and coke - hehe it was fun!


But now I'm back at work - but i got a visit from a friend with another prezzie and Coffee! Ah i love my friends :)

Here are some pictures of my day;

Finally get to wear my New Bikini - I really need to swim more :P (excuse the closed eyes..)

Soo relaxing!


Fitzgerald Glade on our way home - was really hard to get a good pic..

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