Friday, October 19, 2012

Creamy Broccoli Pesto Pasta..MMm

So last night i decided to use one of the many recipes i have found on Pinterest for dinner. My Mum and I grew Broccoli this year - and they are all ready now - so we have ALOT of Broccoli :P

This recipe was very easy and quick - especially since i used Angel Hair Pasta, which only takes 2 mins to cook.

Here was my result, it was so light and delicious!


You can find the recipe here on Smitten Kitchen - awesome website for interesting and yummy foods :)

Well back to work for me - my long weekend starts at 5pm today, though the weather looks like total crap - i think i will have to find some inside things to do, how sad. Anyhoo..back to work!

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