Thursday, November 29, 2012


Packing packing and more much still to do!! I have managed to pack all the top kitchen cupboards the linen cupboard, the bedding from above our wardrobe...the books from the study, my shelves full of 'stuff', my drawers from the desk we are selling..which there was soo much stuff needing biffing!!
Have also done all the nick-nacks from the lounge and dining.

And this is what all the looks like!;

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Takes up sooo much space!! Oh golly.

We have sold our lounge suit, our Dining table and a few other things - and we are still running out of space! This is going to be interesting, and we only have 4 weeks to go!

I think this weekend i want to find some bigger boxes and try and pack up the wardrobe in the study and perhaps..just maybe..tackle my clothes, and see what i can throw out or box up..scary stuff!!

Well i better get back to work, and stop procrastinating about packing and moving!! Ahhh.. :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Cards all done! :)

Well another wet weekend down - and more time spent completing my christmas cards :) This afternoon i finished the final touches on the cards, adding the decorative stamps. Now i just have to fold them, and do all the writing in them. I am still contemplating stamping the envelopes as well - with perhaps a heart on the back, and either the Love, Joy or Peach on the front right hand corner. 

Ideas anyone??

So here are my cards all done and drying - also the a picture of my stamps in their finished form. I got my Dad to make some small cuts of wood for me to glue them onto, they turned out really good, and whats even better is i can use them over and over again!

Here they are;

So thats them - i am pretty pleased at how they turned out. What do you all think? 

Today was also filled with more packing - Hubby and I are trying to get as much of it done before the move day, but we are currently running out of boxes and room. We need to sell our furniture to make room for all the boxes - go figure!! So currently there is pretty much no space left to put boxes till we sell our table :P The pitfalls of living in a very small apartment!

Well its pretty late now, and im totally knackered!
Night all.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Handmade stamps done + starting the packing!

Well i managed to get my handmade stamps all done - for my Christmas cards. They turned out pretty good :) Here is a picture;

Text done with my Grans old letter stampers - heart was one i made

So this weekend looks like it is going to be full of packing - its getting closer and closer to when we have to move. So there is a lot to do, and i want to have it all done and ready for the 28th. I am going to start with the Kitchen this weekend, i will pack all the things we don't normally use, all the extra cutlery and plates etc. Hopefully i can get a few boxes filled and ready :).

Then hubby is going to take photos of all the things we are going to sell...we have the camera all charged and ready to hopefully that wont take too long. We have a two seater couch, a corner couch, two computer desks (well one is a study desk), then various kitchen things, a steamer..(for veges..) some drawers and probably more, but i cant think of it all right now. 

It's hard to type because i just did the dishes and my fingers are all pruney :P

Hmm..well i think thats about us for now - Oh my Sister is in town, Yay!! We can get onto our crafts (though we do still need some drift wood..)

Anyhoo, back to work for me - Till Elyse comes with my little friend G (her 1 year old) for a morning tea visit :)


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Christmas Stamps

Well i had a but of energy tonight it would seem - sorry for my second post for the day, but i got started and i really wanted to get it finished. Was nice to be able to almost tick something off my list. Now all i need to do is get some wood off-cuts from dad, sand them down and glue my stamps onto them, and voila! i have homemade stamps :) - So worth it, and cheaper than store bought ones. Plus there is something about the unfinished, rough look to them that (to me) makes them look even better! :P ( i could be bias)

After a long day at work, which ended with me running around to errands for work - i thought i was pooped - but not totally. But i can say i am now - very ready to go to bed :)

Here are some of my pics of my process tonight (sorry for the phone pics - i didn't want to get ink on my good camera lol)

My workstation - all ready to start transferring my text onto the lino

A rather pathetic transfer - but it will do the job

All cut out - ready to test

Need a few more cut out - but its getting there

The beginning of the Love stamp

Did a whoopsie on the 'O' but it will have to do, dont feel like doing the whole thing again..

Love all done

Peace Stamp all Cut out



Another Star

Test pieces 

Love heart stamp

you always need a love heart :P

My workstation at the end of the

Well that was a very full on evening - so much for relaxing eh? Looks like i can relax tomorrow ( YAY Friday!) after my run, looking forward to it very much.

Night all.

Christmas Crafts

So every year i make my own Christmas Cards - Either i design them and print them at work (I work at a Print Shop btw) Or i hand make my cards. Last year i did a lino print, you can see it here. That was quite a long process, so this year i thought i would make stamps instead. I will make a few and see how they turn out.

Another think i like to do is have different wrapping for my presents each year - last year i did brown paper with twine and newspaper pinwheels, which where really cool. You can see them here. This year i want to stay with eh Brown paper, as its cheaper than normal paper, and its Eco friendly - and frankly it looks a lot better, and less tacky. So my problem was to find another design to add to my wrapping, and thanks to Pinterest, i found one. Here is some pictures of my origami stars;

These ones were quite big - like bigger than the palm of my hand, so i decided to make some smaller ones. Ones that are the same size as my palms - and they are pretty cool. Think i will make a bunch of these for all my presents. 

Now all i need to do in preparation for Christmas is;

  • Buy all the presents (Got 2 so far)
  • Make the rest of the stars
  • Wrap all the Presents
  • Print off my cool designed gift tags
  • Make ALOT of fudge
  • Package fudge and put my designed handmade tags on them
  • Make my Stamps for the Christmas card
  • Stamp and crease/fold all the cards + write in them all :S
  • Distrubute cards + fudge + gifts
  • Relax
  • Enjoy Christmas
  • Relax
  • Then move house!! Gah, its going to be one hectic Christmas i think!!

Well thats me for now, will upload more pics as i do more of my crafts etc.

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