Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Cards all done! :)

Well another wet weekend down - and more time spent completing my christmas cards :) This afternoon i finished the final touches on the cards, adding the decorative stamps. Now i just have to fold them, and do all the writing in them. I am still contemplating stamping the envelopes as well - with perhaps a heart on the back, and either the Love, Joy or Peach on the front right hand corner. 

Ideas anyone??

So here are my cards all done and drying - also the a picture of my stamps in their finished form. I got my Dad to make some small cuts of wood for me to glue them onto, they turned out really good, and whats even better is i can use them over and over again!

Here they are;

So thats them - i am pretty pleased at how they turned out. What do you all think? 

Today was also filled with more packing - Hubby and I are trying to get as much of it done before the move day, but we are currently running out of boxes and room. We need to sell our furniture to make room for all the boxes - go figure!! So currently there is pretty much no space left to put boxes till we sell our table :P The pitfalls of living in a very small apartment!

Well its pretty late now, and im totally knackered!
Night all.

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