Thursday, November 8, 2012

Christmas Crafts

So every year i make my own Christmas Cards - Either i design them and print them at work (I work at a Print Shop btw) Or i hand make my cards. Last year i did a lino print, you can see it here. That was quite a long process, so this year i thought i would make stamps instead. I will make a few and see how they turn out.

Another think i like to do is have different wrapping for my presents each year - last year i did brown paper with twine and newspaper pinwheels, which where really cool. You can see them here. This year i want to stay with eh Brown paper, as its cheaper than normal paper, and its Eco friendly - and frankly it looks a lot better, and less tacky. So my problem was to find another design to add to my wrapping, and thanks to Pinterest, i found one. Here is some pictures of my origami stars;

These ones were quite big - like bigger than the palm of my hand, so i decided to make some smaller ones. Ones that are the same size as my palms - and they are pretty cool. Think i will make a bunch of these for all my presents. 

Now all i need to do in preparation for Christmas is;

  • Buy all the presents (Got 2 so far)
  • Make the rest of the stars
  • Wrap all the Presents
  • Print off my cool designed gift tags
  • Make ALOT of fudge
  • Package fudge and put my designed handmade tags on them
  • Make my Stamps for the Christmas card
  • Stamp and crease/fold all the cards + write in them all :S
  • Distrubute cards + fudge + gifts
  • Relax
  • Enjoy Christmas
  • Relax
  • Then move house!! Gah, its going to be one hectic Christmas i think!!

Well thats me for now, will upload more pics as i do more of my crafts etc.

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