Thursday, November 8, 2012

Christmas Stamps

Well i had a but of energy tonight it would seem - sorry for my second post for the day, but i got started and i really wanted to get it finished. Was nice to be able to almost tick something off my list. Now all i need to do is get some wood off-cuts from dad, sand them down and glue my stamps onto them, and voila! i have homemade stamps :) - So worth it, and cheaper than store bought ones. Plus there is something about the unfinished, rough look to them that (to me) makes them look even better! :P ( i could be bias)

After a long day at work, which ended with me running around to errands for work - i thought i was pooped - but not totally. But i can say i am now - very ready to go to bed :)

Here are some of my pics of my process tonight (sorry for the phone pics - i didn't want to get ink on my good camera lol)

My workstation - all ready to start transferring my text onto the lino

A rather pathetic transfer - but it will do the job

All cut out - ready to test

Need a few more cut out - but its getting there

The beginning of the Love stamp

Did a whoopsie on the 'O' but it will have to do, dont feel like doing the whole thing again..

Love all done

Peace Stamp all Cut out



Another Star

Test pieces 

Love heart stamp

you always need a love heart :P

My workstation at the end of the

Well that was a very full on evening - so much for relaxing eh? Looks like i can relax tomorrow ( YAY Friday!) after my run, looking forward to it very much.

Night all.

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