Thursday, November 15, 2012

Handmade stamps done + starting the packing!

Well i managed to get my handmade stamps all done - for my Christmas cards. They turned out pretty good :) Here is a picture;

Text done with my Grans old letter stampers - heart was one i made

So this weekend looks like it is going to be full of packing - its getting closer and closer to when we have to move. So there is a lot to do, and i want to have it all done and ready for the 28th. I am going to start with the Kitchen this weekend, i will pack all the things we don't normally use, all the extra cutlery and plates etc. Hopefully i can get a few boxes filled and ready :).

Then hubby is going to take photos of all the things we are going to sell...we have the camera all charged and ready to hopefully that wont take too long. We have a two seater couch, a corner couch, two computer desks (well one is a study desk), then various kitchen things, a steamer..(for veges..) some drawers and probably more, but i cant think of it all right now. 

It's hard to type because i just did the dishes and my fingers are all pruney :P

Hmm..well i think thats about us for now - Oh my Sister is in town, Yay!! We can get onto our crafts (though we do still need some drift wood..)

Anyhoo, back to work for me - Till Elyse comes with my little friend G (her 1 year old) for a morning tea visit :)


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