Thursday, November 29, 2012


Packing packing and more much still to do!! I have managed to pack all the top kitchen cupboards the linen cupboard, the bedding from above our wardrobe...the books from the study, my shelves full of 'stuff', my drawers from the desk we are selling..which there was soo much stuff needing biffing!!
Have also done all the nick-nacks from the lounge and dining.

And this is what all the looks like!;

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Takes up sooo much space!! Oh golly.

We have sold our lounge suit, our Dining table and a few other things - and we are still running out of space! This is going to be interesting, and we only have 4 weeks to go!

I think this weekend i want to find some bigger boxes and try and pack up the wardrobe in the study and perhaps..just maybe..tackle my clothes, and see what i can throw out or box up..scary stuff!!

Well i better get back to work, and stop procrastinating about packing and moving!! Ahhh.. :)

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