Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas and the Move

Well Christmas is over and we have done the move, it's been very busy, but it has gone pretty well.
Firstly i will start with some pics from Christmas Day - it was a beautiful day (despite the horrible weather forecast) Here we go;

Dad with Hair Chalk in (Courtesy of my Sister and I)

My Parents Cat Nyx)



Coffee Time


My Bother Daniel

Mum's Hair Chalk


Simon's Hair Chalk Beard

Anna Playing Cricket

Mum Playing Cricket





Fun Family Photo

Family Photo (excuse the squinty was super bright all directions)

Si and my Sister Boyfriend Patrick

Si and Me

Mum me and Dad

Hulling strawberries

Fruit Salad rainbow

Christmas Fudge

Well that was Christmas, it was fun, lots of food and a great time with family.

Now all the Christmasy stuff has passed, we were on full Move mode. Packing and taping and labeling .but we got it all done, with a Day to spare. Then Friday was the day of the move, and with the help of lots of Friends and Family, we got the move done by Lunchtime!! Then we relaxed with some lunch and then got onto unpacking bedding. Now a few days later its still going well..slowly unpacking food and books. 

For those that don't know, we have moved into my parents house, as they are going overseas at the end of March. So we are combing two households...which is a mission. 

Anyhoo, here are some pics of all our boxes before the move and a few others;

All boxed up (funnily enough we finished packing on Boxing Day lol..)

Almost all gone

Well that's all that for now - better have some breakfast and get dressed before some friends come round for a coffee..Yay my second vistors :)

Will leave you with a pic of Harvey sleeping on Simons Computer desk...he has done really well with this move. He's not sleeping well..but he is doing well in every other way :)

The hard life


Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Made the first batches of my Christmas Fudge last night - and since this Christmas the weather is a lot recipe is slightly somewhat mushy..and i think i will have to make up a new recipe for the next batch.

I use a marshmallow recipe, this time i did two types, a Peppermint and a Dark Chocolate version. The Peppermint one has cream and lots of marshmallows in it, and the Dark Chocolate one has sweetened condensed milk, a small amount of marshmallows and a touch of cream. And that one worked. But i'm not a big fan of sweetened condensed milk - i am slightly lactose intolerant and it tastes like off milk to me..but everyone else says they really like that solution. Add less sweetened condensed milk, add more sugar and then add the peppermint candy to that recipe! Will try that out tomorrow night.

For now - our Lifegroup are all getting Dark Chocolate Fudge - sad but it will have to do :)

Here are some quick snaps i took last night;

The two Fudges ready to go into the Fridge

The Peppermint Choc Fudge

Well that all about the Fudge for now - Maybe tomorrow i will upload a pic of the final product all packaged up!

I will leave you with a pic of something fun me and my sister bought online for the Holidays..some hair chalk!! Fun fun, can't wait to use it :)


Monday, December 10, 2012


It has been quite a long while since i have done any drawing..or much painting to be i thought it was about high time i did something about that. I have been so reoccupied with the move and Christmas, i just really didn't feel like it.

So i drew something, its not fantastic, but it got my creative juices flowing, which is good. Maybe in the New Year i will get onto doing some more painting..we will see :P

Here is my quick drawing i did on Friday night;

Well that's me for now - Hubby and i went to an Church Leaders Dinner last night, and it was fancy dress, hopefully i can upload some of the pics of Hubby and i later in the week.


Friday, December 7, 2012

Nail polish

So while i was out shopping with my Sister on my day off this week - i found this lovely nail polish colour. I have been wanting to buy the Opi Russian Navy, but it is soso expensive, so i wanted to find an alternative that was cheaper. Then i stumbled upon this..and it was only $5!! Check it out;

I was pretty stocked with it :) - it does looks pretty dark sometimes, but i really like it.

On another note, hubby picked me some flowers on his way home from work the other day, was so lovely :) - Love that man!

Well the packing is in full swing, we have crossed another room off our checklist. The study is done! (well all the drawers and bookcases, closets etc - there is still stuff to be moved out on the day)

So i think i will tackle my wardrobe tomorrow..hmm..this will be interesting!! I am seeing lots of throwing out and sorting to be done..Eeek!

Well i better get back to work - micro break over, back to it!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


So I only have 2 more presents to get, and i just have to work out what they want/need. Other than that, i have everything wrapped and ready to go, as well as having all my cards done also.

Here is a picture of my wrapping for this christmas;

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out - plus its so much cheaper wrapping them in brown paper and using twine to tie them. Ribbons and wrapping papers are soo expensive and normally always look tacky - unless you buy the super expensive stuff.

I also took a pic of the cards finished and folded - I forgot to do it last time i uploaded the pictures;

The only box free/clutter free room in the house is our bedroom right now - so thats where i had to take my pictures! lol :)

Well it's a beautiful day outside and i might go and enjoy it :)

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