Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Made the first batches of my Christmas Fudge last night - and since this Christmas the weather is a lot warmer..my recipe is slightly somewhat mushy..and i think i will have to make up a new recipe for the next batch.

I use a marshmallow recipe, this time i did two types, a Peppermint and a Dark Chocolate version. The Peppermint one has cream and lots of marshmallows in it, and the Dark Chocolate one has sweetened condensed milk, a small amount of marshmallows and a touch of cream. And that one worked. But i'm not a big fan of sweetened condensed milk - i am slightly lactose intolerant and it tastes like off milk to me..but everyone else says they really like that one..so solution. Add less sweetened condensed milk, add more sugar and then add the peppermint candy to that recipe! Will try that out tomorrow night.

For now - our Lifegroup are all getting Dark Chocolate Fudge - sad but it will have to do :)

Here are some quick snaps i took last night;

The two Fudges ready to go into the Fridge

The Peppermint Choc Fudge

Well that all about the Fudge for now - Maybe tomorrow i will upload a pic of the final product all packaged up!

I will leave you with a pic of something fun me and my sister bought online for the Holidays..some hair chalk!! Fun fun, can't wait to use it :)


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