Friday, December 7, 2012

Nail polish

So while i was out shopping with my Sister on my day off this week - i found this lovely nail polish colour. I have been wanting to buy the Opi Russian Navy, but it is soso expensive, so i wanted to find an alternative that was cheaper. Then i stumbled upon this..and it was only $5!! Check it out;

I was pretty stocked with it :) - it does looks pretty dark sometimes, but i really like it.

On another note, hubby picked me some flowers on his way home from work the other day, was so lovely :) - Love that man!

Well the packing is in full swing, we have crossed another room off our checklist. The study is done! (well all the drawers and bookcases, closets etc - there is still stuff to be moved out on the day)

So i think i will tackle my wardrobe tomorrow..hmm..this will be interesting!! I am seeing lots of throwing out and sorting to be done..Eeek!

Well i better get back to work - micro break over, back to it!

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