Sunday, January 6, 2013

Beach time!

Well we all did many different jobs around the house yesterday, and it was about 26 degrees Celsius it was very hot! We were meant to be going for a couples photoshoot with a friend yesterday evening, but she came down sick so we had to cancel it. But thats ok, we will do it later in the year..we ended up doing a late afternoon/evening trip to the beach instead! We so lovely, watching the beautiful sun set as we drove to Raglan, was so peaceful. I love watching the trees as you drive by..feels like  you are moving around them :)

Well Dad and i went for a quick was pretty cold! Normally is at Raglan.
Here are some quick snaps i took with my phone.

Oh by the way, Happy New Year all!! xx
The Sun setting behind the hills as we walked down to the beach
Panorama of the beach on our way back up to the car

Another panorama of the beach 

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