Saturday, March 2, 2013

Artworks and Sauce

Well i know it was been a while since i have done any artworks or designs. To be honest, life has been busy and i have been just a bit overwhelmed with life. So many different things going on. But today was a good friends 30th. And i decided it was a about time i do something creative. I normally always make my own cards - but i decided to do something more special with this one. I decided to do a cut-out card and make a collage to go behind it. It turned out really cool, and i think i will use this technique again :)

Here are some pictures;

So that was really fun and colourful. Next i made a present for them (Same birthday) and i am still not full of ideas at the moment, but i found this really cool drawing on Pinterest, and i was going to make something that was a little more original, but with my busy day making sauce (pics at the bottom) I decided to make my own version of their artwork. To be honest it ended up being more a copy - as i really didnt have any time nor patience to make it my own. But here is what i ended up with; (note: i'm not taking any ownership of the design - i just thought it was really fab)

Well while doing that paintng i was also making Tomato Sauce with all my many many Tomatoes. So here are some pictures of all the tomatoes and Bottles etc;

This is 5.4Kgs of Tomatoes :)

Well this is all for now :)

Till next time.

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