Monday, March 11, 2013

Hair Colour and beach fun!

Well i decided it was about time to do something different with my hair, and in the past i have either done a drastic cut or a darker colour. But this time i wanted to do something i haven't done before, which is get my hair done lighter. So i booked it in with my hair dresser, and on Saturday i went and got a full head of foils, i got my ends lightened and some natural streaks put through it. It took a really long time, and was quite expensive (but i used my bonus from work - so it wasn't that bad). And after 3 hours, and a re-do (colour wasnt noticable enough) We had a nice result, i think i really do like it, and perhaps next time i will go a little lighter, and more blonde, rather than caramel. But it's quite damaging on your hair, so its not something i will do often :)

But here are some pics of my new hair colour (i also got a trim, so it look better when i curl it);

This is what my hair looked like before;

So yeah i really like it - and i have to make sure i look after my hair now. Will need to make sure i condition it often so it doesn't get too dry.

Well since Saturday was filled up with getting my hair done and cleaning, on Sunday after Church husby and I went with some friends to the beach (as it was still 28 degrees outside even at 4pm) Here is a pic from the Beach (we went to Raglan)

Better get back to work now (breaks over)

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