Monday, April 15, 2013

Fun Times :)

Hubby and I went on a Date the other night to go see Oblivion - and it was really good. I don't normally like those types of all actiony and stuff, but it was good. We went to this new thing called 'La Premier' at Hoyts, and you pay more for your ticket, you get a free popcorn and bar drink. Then you get super flash lazy boys - that recline!! And we ordered dinner, and the waiters brought us our food!! It was soo super cool, we felt like rich kids haha. Was pretty expensive all up - but def worth it :)

Here is a pic of the husby at the fancy movies :P

Then last night we went to a friends engagement party, and it was fabulous! Here are some pics;

Me with my Hubbys Parents :)

Friends :)

Better get back to work :) - Breaks over :P

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