Friday, April 5, 2013


Well it's been a while since I last posted... we've just all been a bit busy with my parents leaving and getting everything ready for winter.

Well the parents have officially left and safely arrived yesterday.  We had a wonderful dinner the night before they left and a sad and tearful but good send off.

Now things will slowly get back to normal and we will get some new routines and hopefully spend more time together :)

Here are some pics from our dinner and send off;

Having Dinner at our Favorite Chinese Restaurant - Shichaun Style

Last family photo for a while - excuse all the puffy eyes, was tearful :(

So that was very sad - but Mum and Dad are there safe - and able to email occasionally.
It's been a while since i put many photos up, so this is just a photo dump;

Planning the Gardens - writing down where each Perennials are - so i don't forget

My Ranunculas growing nicely - almost ready to be planted

Some of my winter veges and plants ready to go in: Pak Choy, Spinach, Kale, Daisy, Cranberry and a Lithospermum
Night glow with Hubby <3>

Night Glow with Hubby <3 nbsp="" p="">

Coffee with my Sister at a Sweet French Cafe in Auckland - Takapuna

Well that's me for now - better get back to work and wait for email updates from mum and dad.
Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter - i know i did :)


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