Friday, April 26, 2013

We have a baby on the way

lolol not a human baby - just a wee little puppy, a Japanese Spitz - who will be called Kara. After kara'el (Super Girl) As our cat is called Harvey after Harvey Dent (Two Face) Who is also a DC Comic book character. So here is a picture of Kara, she is 8 days old;


So we will get her in about 2 weeks, once she is 8 weeks old :) Hubby and i spend our day off from work looking for a crate for her to sleep in inside, and a collar and a food bowl. We are thinking Kara and Harvey will share the indoor water bowl.

Will keep you updated as we get pictures of her as she gets older :)

Back to work now :)


  1. She's a cutie! Does being Japanese mean the breed is a smaller variety? I wonder how Kara and Harvey will get along.. :)

  2. Hey Larissa,

    Yes they are smaller - a few posts before i think i put a picture of them fully grown. They look like a small Samoyed crossed with a white Papillon.

    I think Harvey won't like it at first, but he will enjoy having a friend. His best friend is Charlie the chihuahua after all :P


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