Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Winter Garden

I haven't put many pictures up of my Garden lately, so here are some pictures i took the other day for my Mum (who's overseas)

The corner garden - soon there will be early cheer and Rununculus flowering

Down the other side of the garden

My winter vege garden all planted - Have Kale, Spinach, Pak Choy, Broccoli and Lupin sewn

Down the side of the house - some snap dragons along the edge

The tree that never flowers - has finally flowered again!!

Well not much else has changed with us here. The weather has been awful, the last few weeks it has just been rain, rain and more rain..very boring - and wet! This week started off with more rain!! But this morning it was a frost at -1 degrees, so today it is beautiful and sunny (a bit of a chill in the wind still). Too bad i'm inside - but i can look outside and see :)

This weekend is going to be a busy one, with going up to Auckland to help my Sister in law home - which will be great to have her around :) SO hubby and i, and his parents are leaving town at 8:30am to spend the whole day cleaning and moving all her stuff out (and hopefully only needing one trip to bring all her stuff home) And then hubby is on music on Sunday, so that's another early start for him. Thankfully i think i can sleep in and get a right with my in laws hehe.

Still another few weeks till we get our puppy Kara - we are picking her up on the 14th of next month - we may go see her this Sunday (if we have time, and aren't too tired from Saturday)

Till next time.

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