Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another Quilt Pattern + Need help please! :P

Well we have revised the pattern and this is what we have come up with. BIG squares to make it easier to sew and will take less time to quilt (i hope!) This my first Quilt, and i am just trying to get my head around how its going to work, with the front and the actual quilting process of it all.

Here is the Pattern we are doing now;

If anyone out there has ever done a quilt before, please share some tips! I am feeling a little over whelmed with this project (which is a bit unlike me!) I am pretty confident about doing the top layer and the applique (kinda - do i do it before i quilt it or after??) But what i am most confused about it the edging.

I really do not want to lose some off the edge of my quilt, as it will make my squares not square. SO i thought that if i made a panel around the edge to add extra for the bias edging to fold over on? Does that even work? Please throw tips my way :P - I won't be doing the edge for a while yet. And i haven't even got around to buying the fabrics. We are going to have a look this weekend, and see what there is. And find out how much it will cost. (eekk)

I also have a tiny tiny brother machine, so i am hoping it will all work Ok on it (you know, doing single size bed quilt..)

I have been watching some YouTube videos on edging and stuff, and I'm pretty sure i know how to do it, just not how to work out the size to cut it first and man i have to figure out how much fabric i will need..ugh so much mathematics! LOL

Anyhoo..it will all work out OK (fingers crossed) I've got my Mother in Law to help if need be. I'm sure that between us we can do this! 

Going to do a small tester quilt first (like doll sized!)

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