Monday, June 24, 2013

More Puppy and Crafts

We have had puppy for just over a week now, and she is doing really well. She sleeps a lot, but is also up a lot. She loves playing with the Cat, and is super crazy! Training her is tricky, as she has a very short attention span, but she can do: Sit, Down and roll over. And we are working on Stay. She is super smart and funny..but sooo crazy. I hope as she grows up she will calm down a bit (or a lot!).

Here are some more recent pics of her, and of her and the Cat - Harvey;

Kara playing outside

The two pet kids sleeping (finally!)

Harvey telling Kara that my lap is his (he lost)

Kara's recent sleeping position (under the pillow)

It is sad having to leave her at home, but it's winter now and she is too little to be left outside, especially considering its not even 1 degree (Celsius) outside! So she is in her  make-shift room (the bathroom) and hopefully cuddled up with her teddy on her bed :)

She is always sososo excited to see us when we get home from work, im not sure if it's coz she gets let out of the room or she is happy to see us. Both? lol

Anyway, here are some pics of the craft project i am doing at the moment, which is a practice quilt, just a wee little 32" square one, that i think i will give to Kara for her indoor bed :).

Top of the quilt almost done

Added a border for extra size

Now i just have to go buy some batting and scrounge up some backing fabric and edging, then this little quilt is all done. I think i will do 'in-the-ditch' quilting on the top of this, since it is so tiny. Fingers crossed this works!

Well better get back to it!

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