Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More Puppy Pics and Homemade Ravioli

This weekend we went and visited our Puppy again, and boy she has grown heaps again! She is now running around and playing, rolling over and being crazy! here are some pics from our visit on Sunday;

Snuggles <3 nbsp="">
Kara and her brother (Kara is the smaller one on the left)

Playing with the new toy we brought for her to chew :)

That was super fun, and my Sister in law and hubbies parents came too - they really couldn't wait another 2 weeks to see her! Only 2 more weeks to wait, then we can take her home for good :)

Also last night, my sister in law and i made homemade Roasted Pumpkin, Garlic, capsicum, Spinach and Cottage Cheese Ravioli (we even made herb infused pasta!) It took forever to make and prepare, and since we didn't have a large enough pot we couldn't cook very many at a time. But it was all worth it! Was super tasty and filling. Here are some Pics;

Filled and ready to cook

First lot cooked and served - with mushroom and tomato sauce

Well i think we will need to make that one again! But next time we think we are going to put more pumpkin and less Spinach - and perhaps some Parmesan cheese instead of Cottage Cheese. Mmm can't wait for next time! Back to work i go.

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