Friday, June 14, 2013

Puppy is home!!

We picked up our puppy last night, and to say the least we are very tired, but she is so super cute and playful. Harvey our Cat is doing pretty good with it all, only the occasional hiss and moan - like just now he wanted to cuddle up on my lap and the puppy is asleep next to me, and he started to moan whenever the puppy that didn't go well..Harvey doesn't like being too close to puppy. But he will go up to her and sniff her while she is asleep - go figure!

Here are some new photos of Kara, and one from just now, of her sleeping next to me on the couch.


mmm puppy milk

Harvey and Kara meet for the first time - went claws anyway

so tuckered out from playing all afternoon!

Well thats all me for now, i better go find this cat and see what hes up to..probably sulking, or wanting to come sit on me again..forgetting what JUST happened..oh dear. Hopefully they will be friends soon, and Harvey starts playing with Kara (she really wants to play with Harvey) It has only been 1 and a half days though.

Off to suss this cat out.

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