Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bits and bobs from recently

Woah it's been a while since i did a post again - getting slack! Not much changing on the life front here, the weather is starting to warm up a bit, and little peaks of Spring are showing. In my garden i now have Jonquils and Daffodils up, and my Freesias and Bluebells are popping up too. I love this time of year where you see all these promises of warmer weather, and beautiful long sunny days :)

And all the new flowers and veges that are growing fast! Makes me so happy!

Here are some pictures of my Garden etc;

My first Daffodil out!

Found this wee fellow with a broken leg :( - but he flew away happily

More Daffodils and Jonquils out - enough to pick!

My first Broccoli picked - and boy it tasted yummy :)

Made some Foccacia bread for a party

Coffee in the Sun with the puppy

Fun gardening with Puppy!

They are finally getting on - and this is a rare occurrence...oh my cuties!

Well i had a wonderful weekend, celebrating with family and friends at a special someones baby shower :) - such a blessing babies are, such miracles, in this case a massive blessing. Was so great to see everyone gathering to celebrate her becoming a mamma soon. Not too long to go now, can't wait to meet this special fellow soon! And give him a big hug! - That reminds me i have to buy something special before he arrives!

The rest of the weekend went pretty fast, Hubby was away on a mens retreat with Church, and that was lovely for him to be able to go and have a fun weekend. I ended up going out for a girls night and movie with a few ladies from church, that were also husband-less/fiance-less :P.

Then Sunday brought Church, and i was upstairs teaching the littlies, as i do. And then another quiet afternoon followed, where i caught up on my new favourite show - Call the Midwife. Now i am sad that i have finished it, and there wont be anymore out till next year :(. But on happy news, lots of my shows are starting soon, and i didn't even realize that Drop dead Diva had started again! So i have got lots of that to watch.

Last night was spent watching the end of Breaking Bad season 4 - trying to get up to date with the new season, and Baking hubbies cake for work (on your birthday you have to make a cake and you get judged on it, winner gets $100!) Anyhoo, so hubby did real well (considering he has been off sick - thankfully was feeling a lot better when he baked it) He is doing a layer cake, which is looking pretty good i must say - well done hubby!

Well i better get back to it - Yay coffee time! Woo...need it considering we were up till 12:30 baking and watching Breaking Bad! :P - silly us...


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