Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hubby's Cake Creation!!

Hubby had to make a cake for work, his shout for his up coming birthday. (which isn't for a few weeks, but a few others have birthdays close to his, so he got in early) So he had to come up with an idea - pass it by me to see if it was do-able, then he had to make it and decorate it! He decided he wanted to do a chocolate, vanilla, red velvet layer cake. Woah! Man it is big! We had a wee accident with the icing, originally going with Cream Cheese icing, which since the size of the cake, and stability, was too flimsy. So i had to make a mad dash to the supermarket to get some Fondant icing! Oh boy. Fondant is no where near as difficult as i though - very simple, if you stay calm lol. 

Anhoo. here is a pic of Hubby's cake - That i dropped off this morning (he goes by motorbike to work)

Hubby and his Cake creation!

Close up of the cake this morning :)
Inside of the cake - And it tastes FAB!

So proud of my hubby for all his hard work, hope he get good reviews from his workmates!
Mmm coffee time now :)

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