Monday, September 2, 2013

Hubbies 25th!

Firstly, Happy 25th Birthday to my wonderful Husband!! Wooho 25!

Well we had his party on Saturday, and it went really well :) Was a lovely evening, with friends and family.
Hubby wanted me to make a guitar cake for him, so we went ahead and created one that kind of resembled his most recent guitar (a Maton Electric Custom)

Anyhoo, here are some pictures of the cake (which was a little tricky, but hubby and i managed to get it done without any oppsies or arguments! Woo!)

So yeah that was a bit of an experience!

On some other news, Hubby is very happy to say that he has accepted a new job as an Electrical Apprentice! Starting in two weeks, he is super stoked and so am i, it is wonderful to see him happy and excited about work again. And now he can finish his training, and continue in a real career :)

Also, i got my hair done again! hehe, here are some pics;

More blonde! Exciting :)
And the back :)

Well that is all for now :) Hope everyone has a fantastic week.

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