Saturday, September 7, 2013


Our little puppy Kara gave us such a shock last night, when she started to act all sleepy and weird, and let out these really high pitch yelps..was very out of character, she is usually super active and happy. So off we went to the after ours Vet (sooo expensive!) And she was fine..Vet gave her a shot of anti-inflammatory just incase she is swollen somewhere, maybe from a bite, or something that was stuck in her throat. 

So this morning she was back to her normal self, and licky and happy. We played outside, and had fun, and she ran around like crazy. Then we came in to rest, and she had a wee nap. Then she started doing it again, with the weird noise and being all shy and slinky. Ugh. I have no idea whats wrong, and there is no point going back to the vet, as they couldn't find anything wrong. Maybe she is a bit depressed? Who knows. Here are some of the pictures from this morning, you would have no idea that anything was wrong with her;

Well lets just hope she gets better soon, whatever is wrong with her :(

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