Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas is coming!

Wow I can't believe it is less than 3 weeks till Christmas! This year has just flown by. So many exciting things have happened, and I am just so glad to be ending it on a good note :)

Hubby is happy in his Apprenticeship - with genuine workmates and boss. It is just such a blessing to be able to have this opportunity for him to work and study at the same time.
We also welcomed my Sisters (in laws) beautiful baby boy - Corban. He is another amazing Blessing - Thank you God! :) he is perfect in every way, and he has just added to the joy of this year. And it is super duper cool being an Aunty! Love it (and Him!)

With so many different things going on this year - the end of it has just crept up on me, I can hardly believe that the holidays are just around the corner, hurray! I finally got around to doing my Christmas Cards and Gift Tags, which I normally get done in November, but that's ok, there is still time haha! Funnily enough I ended up making this one up when I was sick with a Vomiting bug, I was soo bored at home that I had to do something, so I came up with my Christmas Card.
This year I went for a more simplistic look - and it is cheaper to print! :P
Here they are;

Well it is the end of the day now - so better be off. Hope you all like the cards, and feel free to link me yours! Would love to have a look :)

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