Monday, January 20, 2014

My new Design Logo :)

As I promised, here is my new fresh logo for 2014 - for the artworks I do on the side.
Here you go;

My kp design logo - my Facebook page is here

My personal logo - for my emails, and or signatures etc

Well better get back to it again! - Morning Tea is over lol. Oh some good news! My parents will be here tomorrow for my brothers wedding in Feb. Haven't seen them in about 9mnths - exciting!! :D
Anyhoo, back to work!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Christmas and New Year!

Wowzers! It's 2014 already! Totally can't even believe it. Time has flown by so fast, and the Holidays went even faster. I was so grateful for an extra long holiday this season - being able to spend lots of quality time with my new Nephew and Families.

Back at work now, and into the normal daily life! I was hesitant to go back to work, because I was loving the holidays too much! But now I am here, I am actually enjoying the pace of it. Getting to do more design and making people happy :) - which is the most important part!

Here are just a WHOLE LOT of photos from my Christmas and New Year break - there's quite a few so feel free to grab a cuppa and have a scroll down!

My Sister and I

My Sister and I - again

Kara and me!

Hubby and I

My Family - Simon, Me, Anna, Karen (My brothers Fiancée) and Daniel

Simon and his Sister Neicia - with her son Corban (his 1st Christmas!)

Me and my Nephew Corban

Husbands Family: Simon, Me, Sol (Grandma), Neicia, Corban, Val (Nana), Neville (Grandad), Maria, Mark

My Mother and Sister in Law :)

That was pretty much it from Christmas - we had a great time, and we so lovely to be able to celebrate the special day with Family.

Here are a few pics from our New Year; 

Trying to teach Kara to swim in the Lake - very unsuccessful!

Hubby taking Kara for a walk around the Lake

Hubby and I at the top of Mount Maunganui 

Us with friends at the top of Mount Maunganui 

A beautiful monarch we found at the top

My pick of the day: Courgettes (Zuchinni) and Heirloom tomatoes

Another pick of the day: Beans, Spring Onion, Courgette and Spinach :)

Well that's all for now - better get back to work! :P
I will upload some new photos of some watercolour name artworks I have done for some friends - and I will show you my new updated Logo!

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year!

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