Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Christmas and New Year!

Wowzers! It's 2014 already! Totally can't even believe it. Time has flown by so fast, and the Holidays went even faster. I was so grateful for an extra long holiday this season - being able to spend lots of quality time with my new Nephew and Families.

Back at work now, and into the normal daily life! I was hesitant to go back to work, because I was loving the holidays too much! But now I am here, I am actually enjoying the pace of it. Getting to do more design and making people happy :) - which is the most important part!

Here are just a WHOLE LOT of photos from my Christmas and New Year break - there's quite a few so feel free to grab a cuppa and have a scroll down!

My Sister and I

My Sister and I - again

Kara and me!

Hubby and I

My Family - Simon, Me, Anna, Karen (My brothers Fiancée) and Daniel

Simon and his Sister Neicia - with her son Corban (his 1st Christmas!)

Me and my Nephew Corban

Husbands Family: Simon, Me, Sol (Grandma), Neicia, Corban, Val (Nana), Neville (Grandad), Maria, Mark

My Mother and Sister in Law :)

That was pretty much it from Christmas - we had a great time, and we so lovely to be able to celebrate the special day with Family.

Here are a few pics from our New Year; 

Trying to teach Kara to swim in the Lake - very unsuccessful!

Hubby taking Kara for a walk around the Lake

Hubby and I at the top of Mount Maunganui 

Us with friends at the top of Mount Maunganui 

A beautiful monarch we found at the top

My pick of the day: Courgettes (Zuchinni) and Heirloom tomatoes

Another pick of the day: Beans, Spring Onion, Courgette and Spinach :)

Well that's all for now - better get back to work! :P
I will upload some new photos of some watercolour name artworks I have done for some friends - and I will show you my new updated Logo!

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year!

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