Thursday, June 12, 2014

Recent crafts and happenings :)

Well it has been a busy few weeks - and they just keep flying by! I am already almost 25 weeks!! so over half way now. This boy is growing well and kicking me heaps! I love it. It's such a special feeling, feeling him in there playing around - oh love <3 p="">

I have been doing a few projects for his room lately, and here are a few photos of them. I have made him some artwork for above his cot, and hubby and I painted a mirror - and some letters for his wall (which I can show you when he's here!) Then i have made a bunting for around the top of his room :) Making this stuff makes all this feel the more real - even though i know it is, it's just kinda like a dream some times. Can't believe that in about 16 weeks i will be a mummy!!! Eeekk!

Here are some of the pics;

And here is a pic of hubby and I about to go out on a date/friends birthday night (anything's a date now - when you get dressed up and actually leave the house!!)

Well that's about all from me for now - will try and keep putting up pics of the artworks i am still making for his room! :)


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