Friday, September 19, 2014

Baby Myles is here!!

Well it has been a very interesting past month - hence why there has been no post for a while.

At 34.5 weeks pregnant Myles decided he wanted to come early! So off to the hospital we went, and they tried to stop my labour, after 4 days of drugs and rest and tests, I could finally go home, as the contractions had lessoned and it looked like I was going to be ok for a while. The lamest thing about this was that I had to cancel my baby shower - which was super lame! Thankfully I was able to have it a week later.
The doctors gave me about 2-3 weeks before they think he would decide to come again - and they were right. Pretty much exactly 2 weeks later he decided he was coming again. My waters broke at 37 weeks - on Fathers Day! :)

Myles Anders Persson arrived at 4:40pm on the 7th September, 2014 (the best fathers day present for my hubby!) My labour started about 1:30pm and he was here 3 and a bit hours later. I managed to do it drug free - not even any gas! Still can't believe that I managed it haha.

Anyhoo - here is a photo of my precious baby boy - he is so perfect :)
I am in love.

Myles' first Bath

Sleepy cuddles with mummy <3 td="">

Well that's about all for now - just enjoying being a mummy and getting used to the different lifestyle of having a newborn, and being responsible for another human being! He is almost 2 weeks old, and it is already flying by! Well better go check on my baby :)


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